Adam Cook



We so enjoyed playing with your arrangements at CIMF on Sunday. We played the first half of our set as a duo so the transition going from 2 guitars & 2 vocals to the full 21 piece backing was an exercise in contrasts, incredibly enjoyable and I think really our best experience to date at having our songs arranged. It’s a difficult place to inhabit putting a simple song with chamber instruments, either the song gets swamped or the arrangement is just banal but you really elevated our pieces and enhanced the mood of them.
— Deborah Conway, Willy Zygier
I was so excited to hear this song come to life - and it most definitely did! Your arrangement is awesome straight off the page. Thank you.
It’s tight, easily played and works well in so many ways. And it’s fun!
— -Rafe Morris, songwriter

Arrangement enquiries



The arrangement of an already-composed piece of music is, effectively, composition. An arranger applies the same critical and creative criteria as a composer. A successful musical arrangement will take into account every relevant aspect of the original piece of music - and depending on the intention of the artist, the completed arrangement may complement, contrast, or even entirely re-frame the original composition.

My passion for musical arrangement can be heard equally in my treatment of original musical textures (namely in the various projects of The Monotremes) as well as the pre-composed arrangement projects to which I dedicate a significant amount of my time and energy. I feel equally comfortable working with traditional chamber and larger orchestral ensembles; voice and vocal ensembles; and I continue to build on a portfolio of work which combines contemporary popular styles with traditional ensembles.

Below you will find highlights of my professional arrangement history to date, as well as several examples which may be viewed and/or downloaded.

Please use the contact form on this website if you are interested in getting in touch regarding arrangement work.



Andrew SCHULTZ: Symphony No. 3 "Century" (2013) - composed for the Centenary of Canberra

orig.: Canberra Symphony Orchestra

arr. (Three Extracts):

1. Brass band (4 tpt I, 4 tpt II, 3 tpt III; 2 hn; 3 tbn; 2 euph; tba; gl; SD; BD; sus.cym)

Century (brass ens) Schultz/arr. Cook SAMPLE

2. Woodwind ensemble (4 fl I, 3 fl II; ob; 3 cl. I; 3 cl. II; 3 cl. III; bcl.; asax; tsax; gl; SD; BD; sus.cym)

3. Combined ensemble (as above, comb.)

Century Schultz/arr. Cook combined ensemble SAMPLE