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chippysthedoggy has his first record

Released 1st Dec 2018, written 8th Jan 2019

My rather apocryphal, time-travelled alter-ego has spent about four years developing advanced skills in an obscure bit of Japanese freeware created by genius among men Daisuke Amaya (Pixel).

The software is called pxtone. Read about it here - download it here (not for the faint-of-mouse).

The EP is called the Canis Velpix EP. It is available on chippys’ bandcamp page; in the main menu of this website; by googling ‘canis velpix’; and many other ways that I won’t list here as I’ve just given you three and it’s late.

If it turns out you like chippys enough to declare it undyingly and unashamedly (or shamedly) on faybs, it’s here. He also has this birdy thing and this boxy thing that he never uses, but has been told to create. Go spare. Soundcloud is always nice, follow there first.

This music is a thorough departure from anything I have heard before: perhaps some of you are able to get in touch with suggestions of similar-sounding music?

Most of all, I hope you enjoy it. It took me years to make, but don’t stress - this oughtn’t be a reflection on your recognition of its inherently superior quality.

It contains the kind of adult references that you might not expect to find on my ordinarily polite website - so do go careful if you happen to be allergic.

Love, Adam (and chippysthedoggy)

Two new records with Maximilian Riebl - es kümmert mich nicht; Skyfall

One of the world’s great countertenors - and my good friend - Max Riebl and I have teamed up quite a bit this year and in the course of our work together, Max has created a couple of fantastic voice/piano EPs with muggins at the keyboard.

Recorded in two sessions at Move Records in Eaglemont, VIC, es kümmert mich nicht (subtitled BWV 2018) and Skyfall (BWV 2018: Part 2) are as below:

ADAM JAMES COOK - Live in Albany

Hi everyone,

My little homemade record called 'Live in Albany' and featuring the artwork of Dog Rock, as well as the music of J.S. Bach, is now available for free on bandcamp! Don't be fooled by expensive imitations.

Feel free to download it / stream it as you see fit.

These tracks are also available as videos.

Recorded in the Spooky Studio, Aug 28th, 2018.

This edition is based on the Bach-Busoni edition

To download this edition…